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Tree Fertilization

Tree Doctor Castle Rock tree fertilization

In Colorado our soils are not known to be fertile.  Typically, the soils are compacted clay that have very little nutrients and organic matter.  Clay soils restrict water flow, limit the movement of oxygen and carbon monoxide in the root zone, and restrict root growth.  The three most needed soil nutrients are Potassium, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen.  Nitrogen is the most important nutrient for regulating tree growth and often is the nutrient that is lacking in our soils.  However, Potassium and Phosphorus nutrient levels can often be too high depending on the site and soil your tree was planted in.


Soil Conditions:  One of the main goals of fertilizing is to add organic material to the soil which will in turn create organic matter that the plant can feed on. 

Vigor:  Fertilizing will improve vigor, improve stress tolerances, and promote root and shoot growth.

New Construction:  When neighborhoods are developed the earthwork that ensues removes over 90% of organic material from the topsoil.  Soil amendments during time of planting will only affect the root system for a very short period.  It is essential to add organic material, most of the time twice annually to help enrich the soil so it's suitable for plants to thrive in.

Tree Service Castle Rock and Tree Fertilization

**Great Western Tree Care works with one of the leading manufacturers of fertilizer in the industry.  Our fertilization program is designed to maximize your plants health, beauty, and vigor.

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