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Meet the Crew

Chad Szpunar

Founder & President

Certified Arborist  ISA # RM 7980-A

ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Qualified Supervisor -  Colorado Department of Agriculture

Stephanie Szpunar

Vice President & CFO

Bachelor of Business Administration: Finance

New Mexico State University

Nick Anderson

Sales Manager & Plant Health Care Specialist

Certified Arborist  ISA # RM 8307-A

ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Qualified Supervisor

Kat Winterlind.jpg
Kat Winterlind

Office Assistant

Morgan Burnett

Trim Supervisor & Lead Climber

Cody Moran

Trim Forman & Ground Operations Specialist

Chris Utz

Climber Specialist

James McGinley.jpg
James McGinley

Climber Specialist, Bucket Operator

Eric Viau.jpg
Eric Viau

Plant Health Care Supervisor

Qualified Supervisor

Turf Care Specialist

Jordan Mendez.jpg
Jordan Mendez

Plant Health Care Specialist

Qualified Supervisor

Turf Care Specialist

Adan Peebles.jpg
Adan Peebles

Ground Operations Specialist

Grant Ballton.jpg
Grant Ballton

Trim Foreman

Nick Dearden.jpg
Nick Dearden

Climber Specialist

Sam Lewis.jpg
Sam Lewis

Turf Care Specialist

Tucker Dunn.jpg
Tucker Dunn

Climber Specialist

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