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Pest Management

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) requires working with the landscape and environment to control or decrease populations of pests while having minimal impact on people, property, and the environment.

What Does IPM look like?

To treat or not to treat:  Should action be taken?  If pests are identified, we look at the long-term economic threat and environmental conditions that could potentially be threatened.  Spraying pesticides is not always the answer.

Control:  By determining action thresholds, creating a specific plan for your property, and continual monitoring of control methods we can effectively decrease numbers of unwanted pests on your property.

Create a Plan: If it is determined that preventative measures need to be taken GWTC will work with you to create a plan through a variety of different methods that best suit your landscapes needs.  

Monitor:  We will visit your property numerous times throughout the year to ensure that, if preventative or targeted action was taken, is it working?  Are there other means of Biological, Cultural, or Mechanical control methods that may better suit your landscape?

Tree Service in Lone Tree and Highlands Ranch Tree Pest Management
Tree Service and Tree doctor in lone tree


Emerald Ash Borer

Bronze Birch Borer


Ips Beetle

Ash Bark Beetle


Red Turpentine Beetle

Lilac Ash Borer

Pine Wilt Nematode

Redheaded Ash Borer

Hard Scales

Soft Scales

Mountain Pine Beetle

Banded Ash Borer


Locust Borer

Peachtree Borer

Gall Makers

Tussock Moth

Pine Tip Moth


White Pine Weevil

Elm Leaf Beetle


Fungal, Bacterial, Parasitic:

Thyronectria Canker

Ascochyta Leaf Blight


Cytospora Canker

Leaf Spot Fungi

Root Rot

Black spot Nectria Canker Powdery Mildew


Fire Blight

Blue Stain Fungus



Drought Stress


Poor Soil Conditions

Winter Desiccation

Animal Damage

Road Salt Damage

Construction Damage Sunscald

Poor Planting Practices

Because of the many issues Colorado trees face, it is important to not compromise long-term plant health care plans for short-term aesthetics. This can often result in the overall decline of your plant's health.  We are excited and would love to help you and your landscape!

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