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Tree Planting Parker, Castle Rock, Colorado Spring

Tree Planting

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Tree Planting Service and Tree Doctor near me in castle rock

Too often, proper planting is overlooked. A tree’s chance of success starts the day it is planted. If that process is done incorrectly then that tree will have no chance for a future. Our process starts with a site assessment where us and the owner can discuss species, planting locations, and benefits the tree(s) will add to your landscape. Once an agreement is made, we personally choose quality stock at the nursery, deliver it to the site, and plant it correctly.


Great Western Tree Care offers a 1-year guarantee on conifers and a 2-year guarantee on deciduous species.  We provide one free supplemental water service, root stimulant, and soil amendment.

Continuing Maintenance

Tree planting can be a big investment and because Great Western Tree Care holds the guarantee for up to 2 years, we strongly encourage to allow us to provide routine maintenance, such as proper watering, fertilization, insect control, and tree protection.  Good things “especially with trees” take time. 

Investment for Your Property

Many factors can determine the initial investment of planting:

  1. Size of the tree

  2. Species

  3. Location (is it difficult to access?)

  4. Time spent and amount of crew needed to accomplish.

Our Arborist are happy to sit down with you and discuss a plan that works not only for your budget, but your properties needs as well.

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