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Tree Doctor in Lone Tree Colorado

Supplemental Watering

Great Western Tree Service Cherry Hills

Water is essential to trees and shrubs.  In Colorado we receive around 40% the national average of moisture each year.  Winter snowstorms can be far and few between with periods of long, hot dry spells.  Without enough soil moisture trees will become dehydrated, stop growing, and go into decline.  It’s vital to provide the adequate amount of water (not too much or too little) for tree and shrub health and growth.

Tree Watering and Tree Service in Cherry Hills and Cherry Creek

Water loss: 90% of water in plants is lost through transpiration.  The process where water exits from the leaves and moves into the atmosphere as air-cooling vapor.  The amount of water lost through transpiration needs to be replaced by water uptake in the root system.

Nutrient Transport:  Water transports essential nutrients and minerals from the soil through the plant.

Overall Plant Health:  Water is essential to plant growth and development.  Healthy plants can defend themselves against pests and other environmental stressors.

Food:  Water fuels the process of photosynthesis where plants use sunlight to manufacture food from Carbon Dioxide.



We always joke with our customers that water is the hardest sell we have, because we are selling you water.  But in reality, it’s not just water.  We add essential nutrients and minerals to the water making it more of an organic drink.  Also, we are all busy.  In this fast-paced world we live in today, who has time to water their trees.  


We would love to sit down and show you what our watering plans look like.  From frequency to desired outcomes, we are here to help.

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