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Tree Doctor and Tree Protection in cherry creek

As you all know, we have seen a large amount of “winter desiccation” and damage to our conifer trees (Pine, Spruce, Pinyon, and Fir) in the past few years.  It is becoming common across the front range that we get early freezes where the temperature drops drastically in a short period of time.  Also, lack of watering after we shut our irrigation off moving into mid-fall and winter is common and a direct cause of “winter desiccation”.

Tree Service and Tree Removal Castle Rock

Anti-Transpirant & Sticker: This service is recommended to help in preventing “winter desiccation” in conifers.  It effectively reduces water loss of conifers by coating the needles with a thin film that provides a water-impermeable barrier to reduce water loss through transpiration.

Tree Wrapping: Wrapping the trunk of younger trees adds another layer of protection.  Early Flash freezes can cause damage to the main trunk that is most of the time, irreversible.

Winter Watering: This service is crucial in helping prevent “winter desiccation” in plants.  Even though the trees are “dormant” water loss through a tree's normal metabolic process still occurs.  If there is not enough saturation in the soil for the roots to pick up and replace the water loss, desiccation can occur.  We provide supplemental watering services throughout the winter mixed with a product that improves stress tolerance, soil penetration, a soil wetting agent, and aids in promoting root development, higher nutrient, moisture uptake, and stronger plant growth. 

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