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Tree Cutting and Tree truning in castle rock

Tree Pruning


To Improve the overall structure:  Pruning for structure will create a strong tree that will require less maintenance as it matures and make it less susceptible to failure or storm damage.

To remove dead, dying, diseased, or broken branches: This will help promote healthy growth and eliminate sites that promote insect breeding, decay, and a range of diseases.

To thin appropriately by removing crossing/interfering branches and codominance:  Proper branch spacing will allow sunlight to penetrate the interior of the tree and wind to flow through the tree minimizing the risk of failure during storms.

To provide clearance:  Trees planted close to buildings or structures, overhanging sidewalks and streets, and near power lines can be pruned to provide adequate clearance.

To reduce long heavy branches: With our wet heavy snows it is important to minimize the potential for branch failure due to storm damage.

To mitigate risk:  Often, older mature trees that were neglected can pose serious hazards to people, homes, power lines, ect…

To promote flower and fruit production:  Often, flowering and fruiting trees are pruning incorrectly, which can slow production and make them more susceptible to disease. 

Siberian Elm Prune_tree pruning and tree removal castle rock

There are many objectives of pruning in the urban landscape.  The foremost objective is to prolong the functional life expectancy of trees.  However, it also allows for an aesthetically pleasing look in neighborhoods, communities, and commercial properties.  Research has proven the importance of proper pruning vs. improper pruning.  Proper pruning creates strong tree structure that allows trees to flourish in their environment, whereas improper pruning can be detrimental to the lifespan, health, and safety of trees.

Great Western Tree Care is trained to provide the highest quality level of pruning in accordance with the industry standards set forth by the ANSI Z133.3.

Silver Maple Prune tree pruning in parker colorado
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